Featured in Finders Fair website: Interesting Story about Soe Living, The Unique Home Ideas in Finders Fair

Jan 12, 2016


Have you set the goals for this year? Are you planning to start your own business?
You might find some inspirations from Novi (Founders of Soe Living), one of Finders Fair unique flea tenants.


Tell us the Story about Soe Living.
Soe Living started as one person project. I started this business at November 2013, as a home based business that’s focusing on custom made bedding. Two years later I expand this business into home decor with bedding as the core business.

How did you start this business?
Basically, I like to make myself some DIY (Do It Yourself) stuffs for my home decoration. Most of my friends that have visited my home love the creations that I made and started to order some for their home. The positive responses from my friends orders propelled me to take the business to the next level and make it to be a professional business.

What inspires the ideas of Soe Living?
I inspired by the international home decorations trends, then I combine them with the signature style of our product. For example, I mix the strong patterns with the calm colors to make it more like “Soe Living”.

What are the 3 words that describe Soe Living best?
Good design, simplicity and functional.

What makes Soe Living special among other bedding product?
Soe Living aim to give good quality not just in the design and material but also on its function in a daily life. I use the premium local cotton materials to maintain the quality of the products, so it could be comfortable and affordable.

How important do you think the product quality for your product?
That’s major. For me quality control is the most important thing in this business. The proof that Soe Living emphasizes in the product quality is that it never get any complains from the customers since the very first time this business started. They are all satisfied with the products.

What’s Soe Living vision in the next 5 years?
I want to build my own store

Why do you join Finders Fair?
I decided to join Finders Fair because I like the concept of this fair. Also, i like the convenience of the location of Townsquare Cilandak since I live nearby it.

How do you feel so far after joining Finders Fair?
I enjoy participating at Finders Fair. I’m so happy to meet new customers and being able to clientele them. So I can introduce new products to them everytime Soe Living is participating at Finders Fair.

What’s the benefits of joining Finders Fair so far?
It’s obviously increasing our followers in our social media which also means that our brand exposure has increased significantly.
Written by Novia Amalia Zain. Photo by Prayogo Yoedo


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